Interiørfotograf - Sattrup & Høst - Another Ballroom Interiørfotograf - Sattrup & Høst - Another Ballroom

Interiørfotograf for Another Ballroom


Another Ballroom skulle bruge en interiørfotograf til stemnings- og produktbilleder til deres webshop og til visning i livstilsmagasiner.

Maria Sattrup har skudt interiør og produktfotos til Another Ballroom siden deres opstart i 2013.

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About Another Ballroom:

Another Ballroom is founded on a great passion for aesthetics, harmony, people, cultures, art, design and alternative ideas of interior design. We are honoured to represent a varied group of fantastic artists and designers, and to make their work available to everyone who sees the beauty in it as we do.

Our project is a select mix of 20th century man-made and remade furniture, contemporary design and art, alongside with carefully chosen vintage Moroccan rugs. The unique products and items are showcased in the home of the founders of Another Ballroom, and are exhibited in pop-up stores and galleries around Copenhagen. They can be purchased at our events, in our web shop (we ship worldwide), or from private showings in our showroom in Frederiksberg.

Customized rugs to measure

For the traditionally nomadic Berber, these large, thick carpets of natural wool are typically very long and quite narrow. In fact, older Beni Ourain often do not fit contemporary interiors and modern houses. If you want a custom Berber carpet to fit the scale of your rooms, Another Ballroom offers a bespoke service.

We have teamed up with a workshop in the Middle Atlas Mountains, where women have perpetuated the ancient art of making Beni Ourain carpets. These artisans can create a custom carpet using traditional weaving techniques in your choice of size, colours, patterns and finishing details.


Handpicked rugs and items

If you are looking for something more specific, we will be more than happy to help you locate exactly what you need. Do you have an idea of a rug you just haven’t found yet? Or have certain colours you prefer, particular measurements, or a specific styling task? We can communicate with you during our travels, and will focus on your needs, helping you to find that special vintage rug, those unique objects for your house, or whatever else you may need.


Styling Services 

Another Ballroom is available for private and public consultation on interiors and art. We will gladly curate and create complete environments, from private residents to large-scale assignments for restaurants, bars, cafes etc. We also provide an art advisory, connecting to other galleries and interior detail companies. With our great range of growing international acquaintances, we offer the sourcing of Danish and international design, both vintage and new. Don’t hesitate to call or write if you need help for an assignment, whether it involves borrowing items for photo-shoots or using our styling expertise. Our styling services are charged at the rate 400 kr. per hour.